Free Healing Tools

My gifts to you, sister xx

Your 2019 Monthly Calendar and Planner

Download my FREE 2019 Monthly Calendar to stay afloat after losing your pregnancy. It offers health and life-nurturing tips to soothe body and soul.

Organise your schedule with intention using the Mammaste monthly calendar.    

This thoughtful calendar will help you stay organised, clarify goals, reflect, and make space for the little things that really matter.

Because it make sense to put yourself on the agenda, right?    

Weekly mantras, self-care rituals, beautiful quotes, they are all there to support your life, my beautiful!   

Your Gratitude Journal

Download your 7 days Gratitude Journal. Journalling and gratitude are scientifically proven to reduce stress, improve relationships and nurture a restful sleep. 

When we are grieving, our emotional threshold is typically lower than usual. 
And as busy women attending to countless demands daily, we can sometimes get stuck on the negatives more than we’d love to.

Negativity breeds more negativity, which feeds negative thoughts patterns than can affect your health and even lead to chronic depression.

Your negativity can also affect others around you, work colleagues and loved ones. 

So this week, each night, let’s write down simple things you are grateful for. 

Print out this gorgeous pages and use one each day. 

The Inner Smile Healing Meditation

I would like to give you as a gift The Inner Smile Meditation (Smiling Meditation), which harvests the healing powers perfected centuries ago by the Shaolin monks of China.

Harvest the healing powers perfected centuries ago by the Shaolin monks of China.

This 15 minutes meditation will leave you feeling at peace, renewed and empowered so you can tackle you day with trust & confidence.