4 simple steps to meditate

4 simple steps to meditate

To start meditating is not something easy, so I have prepared 4 great tips to glide to a happy place in just a few breaths, and start changing your life right now.

Would you like to be able to do that?

1. Make time

Consider this extraordinary wisdom teaching from a Buddhist monk:

“You should meditate 15min a day, and if you are very busy you should meditate for an hour!”

If we don’t make the time, the practice won’t happen, right?

So that is really key to allocate some “me-time” in your busy-ness…

2. Create the space

I find that the place isn’t as important as the frame of mind you are in for meditation…

What if it was all a myth that you have to light candles, burn incense, sit on top of a mountain or play relaxation music to meditate?

What if you simply took a deep breath, closed your eyes, and find a peaceful place in your minds eyes?

Life can happen around you, it won’t matter.. would you like to try that over the next few days?

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and travel to a peaceful place in your minds eyes.

It can be a real place you have been to before, where you felt so calm and peaceful, or simply imagine..

3. Guide your mind

In my meditation classes I hear this so often from my students: “I just can stop my mind thinking all the time”.

That’s great, it means you are alive! Shall we use it to your advantage?

Here is what you can do: tell your body what you want it to do..

Speak to yourself, tell your body: “it’s time to relax. With each breath I take, I allow you to relax, I allow you to relax every muscles, relax every cells”, and feel the relaxation getting even deeper with each exhale.

Does that sound like something you can easily do?

4. Send love

“Love is all we need” as the song goes, and I find it so liberating to realise I can infuse every single little daily act with absolute love, kindness and compassion.

For example when I cook my family their meals I consciously pour love into the dishes, and when I scoop biscuits into my puppy’s bowl I do just the same!

But here is the magic tip, are you ready for it?

Pour some love in what you do for yourself too!

Next time you make a cup of tea for yourself, add love to it. Next time you have a shower, feel love running onto your body with each water drops.

Next time you brush your teeth feel love for you are performing such a sweet self care act for yourself. Interesting, isn’t it?

So when you take a deep breath, close your eyes and travel to that peaceful place, feel the love for myriad of little cells that you telling to relax as they are doing such an extraordinary job just for you, every single day!



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