Child Remembrance Ceremony And Women Circle 2020

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A recording of the ceremony so you can still participate in your own time.


Child Remembrance Ceremony 2020 Recording

A meaningful ceremony and women circle that celebrates every child, infant, and
baby who has passed on during early pregnancy to adulthood. A sacred acknowledgement
of our forever love, an opportunity to say how much we miss them and what they truly meant to us.

For women, by women.

This event is for you if you are a mother or have been a mother even for only a brief instant.

Your child’s passing could have happened very recently or perhaps it was decades ago.

It does not matter.

The ceremony will help you connect or reconnect with your child and honour his/her presence in your life.

Today you have permission to bring your child to the forefront of your mind,
your body, your heart, your love, and open up the book of loving memories.

I created this event because I am angry.

Did you realise society expects bereaved mothers to “move on” at some point?

With its tacit understanding that there is a “socially acceptable” length of time for grieving?

That social pressure forces us to shut down, hiding the depth of our real suffering..

With no outlay to express both the unspeakable love that was taken away from us and the rage we feel inside at the unfairness of it all!

But don’t we celebrate living people’s birthday every year? Why can’t we celebrate living people who have passed on?

So today is the day where, we, mothers of all ages, background, colours, beliefs and stories get together..

And form a sacred circle in honour of all the children who’ve left us.

Download the Ceremony Now.


TAKEAWAYS From The Participants

“I opened up to my healing and my acceptance. And the connection that I have with [my baby] is real and true.”


“My takeaway is the connection that was able to start by being present here and bringing her again into my heart. It was really important for me to be here. Thank you Nathalie, because you somehow just by doing this ceremony, you woke up something in me that it was sleeping for 26 years! Now I feel so alive. And even if it bring me tears, what it does now is more tears of joy because I’m connecting with her in another level.


“The biggest takeaway for me is hearing your stories and being in the space with you all and feeling how deep and profound this journey of motherhood is, in whatever forms we experience it. I really wanted to honour that in all of you, and myself.”


“It’s such an honour to be in the presence of other women and to be able to do the sacred work. I have always been a person that was doing everything by herself and never asked for help and always felt embarrassed to ask for support from other people. So, I’m really opening up to that to recognise how empowering it is for each other as women to get together and really call each other for everything that’s happening. We just can’t do that by ourselves, there is no way!”


What’s Included

  • 90 minutes Ceremony and Women Circle

    A light, heartfelt and sacred acknowledgement of our forever love.

    A (re) connection to your baby’s story.

    An opportunity to say how much we miss them and what they truly meant to us.

  • Self Soothing Ancient Practices To Deal With Grief

    Discover natural remedies, acupuncture points, TCM and ancient practices you can easily apply to appease your grief.

  • Baby Life Path Numerology Calculator

    A worksheet to determine your child’s Life Path number and its meaning, so you get to know who your baby is and his/her personality traits.

  • Sacred Flame Candle Lighting

    During the Ceremony I lit tea light candles for our children with the sacred flame that I hold, which was blessed by the Great Council of the Indigenous Grandmothers and passed down to me. Each time the flame is passed onto another candle, that candle holds the sacred energy of the flame and can pass it forward to the next candle, even if it has been extinguished in the meantime and then relit.

    If you wish to purchase a candle holding the sacred flame, you can do so here.

Enquire about Quantum healing of the womb.

I am available for one-on-one time so you can explore what is opening up for you after our circle and be guided in your next steps.

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